Special Offer

Enjoy $35 Oysters & Champagne at Hibiscus Bar and Terrace (level four, Hyatt Regency Brisbane) + 20% off at Lennons Restaurant and Bar (level two, Hyatt Regency Brisbane).

Use the codeword ‘FashionBites’ when making a reservation and present your Festival ticket during 25-30 August to avail the discounted offer.

Hyatt Regency Brisbane

Level 2,

72 Queen Street, Brisbane City

Visit Lennons Restaurant & Bar
and Hyatt Regency Brisbane

Located right in the heart of Brisbane City, Lennons Restaurant and Bar features modern open plan design with high ceilings and large windows that open up to Queen Street Mall.

With a long and rich history, Lennons Hotel was ‘the’ place for VIP’s with iconic global VIP’s regularly in house. Many locals enjoy sharing their Lennons stories and continues to celebrate this treasured brand for a new era with Lennons Restaurant & Bar. Sleek, modern, and comfortable. The perfect escape from Queen Street Mall.

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